You Never Know What You’ll See in the

Haunted Garden

You Never Know What You’ll See in the

Haunted Garden

Welcome to the World of the Haunted Garden



Rex hosts the series of illustrated coffee table books You Never Know What You’ll See in the Haunted Garden. He used to be an actor and appeared in many games in the old days, playing many different roles. Times changed and he retired. But now with my encouragement, I’m proud to say he’s agreed to appear in many projects we’re collaborating on.


Pregnant Horse

Pregnant Horse is a cave painting from a place called Lascaux in France. (You can google her!) She’s actually brown, but in the Haunted Garden series she appears in her ghostly makeup. She’s friends with Rex and they came together to Iceland.



Alannah is a luminous butterfly also appearing in the Haunted Garden series. Unlike most butterflies, she loves flying by night. She finds a magic in the pitch blackness of Icelandic night and has many adventures either by herself or with her friends Rex and Pregnant Horse.

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