An Iceland Symphony


Currently preparing for publication the full orchestral score (sheet music) for my first large-scale composition, An Iceland Symphony. To be published in early 2020. I will initially self-publish but simultaneously start looking for a music publisher for this and future works. Will also submit the score to some orchestras for consideration. I welcome all communications in these regards. See below for my podcast. It‘s already also on Spotify and soon elsewhere.

Podcast: “What Now with Simo”

A freeform, wide-ranging podcast on any topics foremost on the host‘s mind at the time of recording. Particular favourite topics include creativity and all the arts — music, films, screenplays, fiction, poetry, comics, games, comedy, and everything in between. Messages from listeners welcomed for possible inclusion in an episode. Note that sending a recording for inclusion in an episode of this podcast does indeed implicitly give me permission to do so.